Wednesday, June 18, 2008

E2O : Enterprise 2.0

What is Enterprise 2.0 ?
E2O is all about simplifying the collabration between independently existing application in an enterprise.

WebEx Connect provides an on demand platform which brings people , data and process together on a single flat base.

Connect Application development framework allows developers to build applications using connect platform services and provides them with rich set of features (UI Constructs).

Application development platform (ADF) is modular, simple and extensible. It is based on MVC architecture. So User interface acts as View, Store ie data constructs acts as Model and Wire Constructs acts as controller.

UI Construct: Connect Platform SDK provides rich set of UI elements like mashkit.input.Button, mashkit.container.Tree etc

Store Constructs: Data constructs which interfaces with backend or existing in cloud services and then it retrieves and save data.

Wire Construct: It connects constructs together and allow them to communicate with each other.

Connect Application is composed of Application modules. Application modules are made of UI,Store,Wire constructs or of other Applications.

Benefits :
Connect ADF is built on DOJO 1.0 which has a widgetized architecture.
Application is composed of multiple modules ie widgets and can communicate with each other.
ADF is built using MVC architecture which helps in cleaner separation of roles and responsible for minimal changes when one has to modify an application.
The application is seamless across thick as well as thin client.

Connect Developer platform architecture.

This framework is built using DOJO taking all the advantages which DOJO provides example widgetized structure. The application is called AppConstruct and it is compased of allpication modules.

AppConstruct = Header + AppModules

Header contains the metadata about the application.
Header contains a name of the AppConstruct, Identity, params, innerHTML , events.

AppModule can be of one of the three categories.

UI , Store and Wire .
AppModule can also refer to other AppConstruct.

Each construct can have Id , Type , params, children ,style, script, innerHTML

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