Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ShopprStream: Socializing the shopping experience

ShopprStream , a product from Pramati Technologies focuses on bringing the social experience to websites.

It aims on empowering old/new sites with web 2.0 features. This product has features which helps sites to spread word about themselves or about their product.

In simple words shopprstream can be plugged into web 1.0 sites to make them web 2.0.
ShopprStream allows sites to build communities around their product/site.It adds an "Architecture of participation" that encourages user to participate and add value to the site as well as product.

It enables users to read/write reviews about products which he purchased and liked/hated. User can post comments on the existing reviews. User can write a review and then inform his/her friends on socio-websites/IM/mail.

Spread a word functionality being the most popular now is getting attention from Big players like Intel ,Sun Microsystems. Intel used this product to spread a word about their research project Mashmaker.

The entire idea of empowering sites with web 2.0 features excites me. Reason being sites do not have to change their existing architecture/model. This product act as a plugin and serve as a server for all social/community based activities.

A web1.0 site undergoes these steps to get converted to web 2.0. steps are-->

  1. Web1.0 Site
  2. Basic Elements to enable customer feedback (Reviews/Ratings)
  3. Enabling easier social Networking
  4. Adding incentives to generate more content.
  5. Creating communities and hence bringing in stickiness
  6. Tracking users behaviors
  7. Web2.0 Site

In brief, ShopprStream allows web1.0 sites to migrate to web2.0 sites with minimum effort. No rework is required. ShopprStream acts as a bridge from web1.0 to web2.0.
Thats why it was know as web122 project in its developement phase.

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