Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pramati: The technical juggernaut

Hi folks, i feel proud that i was a part of the tech juggernaut ie Pramati for 2 years.

Pramati has the reputation of having best java/j2ee guys in the industry.

 Pramati guys are really smart people and all have one thing in common ..that is hunger for technology and learning new stuff.

I was a member of pramati from nov 2006 to sept 2008.

I loved the time which i spent with pramati. It satisfied my tech hunger, gave me oppourtunities and provided the right platform needed to make an impact.

It was an amazing journey and i know that at some point in life, i will return back to pramati to contribute and take pramati to greater heights.

Devang Paliwal

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