Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A whacky marketing thought !!

I was thinking about how aggresive advertisers have become and while thinking about this, a random thought came to  my mind. 

Companies like Peter England, Reliance, TATA etc wants to have their brand/banner everywhere. They want their product to reach public and be in public minds for long.

So here is my whacky thought on this.

A day can come when all the stray animals like dogs , cows etc will be having company's banner on them.

Companies will apply in municipality for control over animals of a particular area. Think how funny and it will be. For example, a dog of your locality moving with a Tata Indicom banner or a Google banner. People will call them the GOOGLE dog or TATA dog :) .

It can lead to a scene like this ----> 

People will apply for ads to some company to give them ads to post on their Pet. This can lead to something like google adwords and it can be called animal adworld. 

So guys/girls be ready for seeing such thing happen in reality because nothing is impossible.
Guys be ready for the revolution :) 



billu said...

some thing similar has been done with things like buses, etc. Infact in Kualalumpur, the local train stations itself were assigned to different cell operators so that they can market there product and manage the station at the same time.

Though problem with stray dogs is tht u cant control their behavior, as in who will like to see their banner ads lying near garbage or for that matter think abt the person who was bit by a dog, wont it create a bad brand image for the company sponsoring tht dog.

But I agree some thing similar but in more controlled environment will definitely be exploited. But then there is this whole ethical issue, are we really ready to sell everything on this earth on the name of marketing, not that I am supporting it but there will be voices on these lines...
and then PETA is always there, m sure u r aware about the weird vodafone fiasco they made on an advertisement, think about the chaos they ll create...
so i wont bet my penny on this :)

but i m sure some thing good can be worked out on similar lines...

nimesh gupta said...

this is good one
i think in india we r using from long back
if u just recall ...camels....oxes ..cows ...and some pictures inscribed on them
this is the same concept
indians have done all things long back
and now people r using them in modern ways ..or like the wat people want to see
isn't it?

Shalini.Parashar said...

I mst say... a gd 1 indeed... wud rlly be a revolution.. since social animals have lost their frshness so y nt try out only animals.. after all socialism is no longer left :)

Cheers for dis whcky idea...Dev!!!

hmp said...

ha ha ha... nice post!