Monday, September 15, 2008

Whacky thought : Googlized World

Yesterday night i was watching my favorite television show and while watching it my mind started thinking about how the concept of globalization has changed the world.

I was amazed about how business has crossed the man made boundaries and spread over the entire world. I imagined business as a blue sky which has covered the entire world.

While going through this my ind juggled the words ...Globalized and coined the term Googlized world. And suddenly blood started gushing through my veins more rapidly.

Think about this : Every FMCG ie Fast moving consumer goods which you consume, every other commodity which you buy/use in day to day life for example tooth brush, news paper, toilet paper .... If all of them comes from GOOGLE then it will be called googlized world.

Imagine one day in that world.

Here is a normal person's day in that world.

Morning: Wake up , brush ur teeth with Google brush and paste, after that drink google tea in google mugs, then take a shower in googlebaths. Get ready to go to google office.

Afternoon: work on google projects, then have lunch in googleplex, drink tea and leave office at 5:00.

Evening: Take a google cab and come back to home (built by google constructions). Watch Google TV, play with his/her kids.

Night: Have dinner using google grossery and then sleep on google beds and use google blankets, google AC, google Pillows.

This will be a typical day in one's life.

This can become a reality if google starts venturing in fields other that what it is doing right now.
If it becomes reality then days will not be far ahead when we will se something like the picture below .....

Guys be prepared to enjoy the google world soon ....... I can see this coming.

What are your thought on this ???

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